Bespoke Animation

We can create entirely bespoke animations of your product, system or service. This is a highly effective way of improving understanding of your product amongst potential customers, suppliers, associates and staff.

The fact is, web users love video content – there’s not an organisation out there that couldn’t benefit from an explanimation, bespoke or otherwise.

Explanimations embedded on websites can draw impressive numbers of both new and repeat visitors. An explanimation will help position your company as an expert in your field, and because you are adding high-quality, shareable content to your site, the overall value is far higher than traditional methods of online promotion.

The final explanimation can be shown both online and offline in presentations and distributed to the media – a powerful tool that should form part of your marketing mix.

Benefits of Bespoke Explanimation

  • Unique to your organisation
  • ‘Explanimate’ any product or service
  • Fully customised script
  • Soundtrack & voiceover options
  • Use it where you like – online and offline

How much will it cost?

Unless you have a detailed specification for your animation, providing a straight ‘quote’ is rarely possible. We start by agreeing a sensible ‘target budget’ with you based on other work we’ve done – then we lay out what’s possible within that budget.

Budget is generally proportional to the amount of studio time required, and factors include:

  • How much technical detail needs to be shown
  • How simple the device or system is
  • Whether we can work from existing illustrations / artwork
  • Whether a soundtrack is required
  • Your company’s existing branding

We use highly-experienced creatives who are fluent in the cultural (and linguistic) nuances required to engage and explain your target audience.

Typical budgets for completely new explainers range from £2,500 – 6,000 +VAT. However, animations based on our existing video library usually involve much less work, so give us a shout and we’ll discuss options.

Important – If you’re considering having a new video commissioned based on an existing video (regardless of whether it’s one of ours or someone else’s)  it’s crucial that you read this and avoid any legal issues. This may also be useful for designers who’ve been asked to ‘recreate’ a video.

How long will it take?

Bespoke projects usually take between three and six weeks, but if you need something more urgently, please call us to discuss – we’ll always do our best to accommodate you.

How does payment work?

We take a deposit of 50% at the start of the work, and invoice the final payment when the explanimation is complete. On larger projects we can split the budget into staged payments.

What will our company need to do?

  • Establish a brief (with our input)
  • Provide any existing materials e.g. product samples (where practical), brochures, datasheets, artwork, images etc.
  • Provide feedback at various stages
  • Liaise with your company’s decision-makers to get sign-off at various stages

What happens once we start?

Our process follows three phases:

  • Discovery – We’ll establish exactly what the explanimation needs to achieve for your business
  • Design – We’ll suggest a concept, a visual style, a script and present a storyboard for you to approve
  • Production – We’ll produce the final animation, and supply you with files to use

I want one! What do I do next?

Give us a call on UK +44(0)1992 505444 or use the form below and we’ll have an informal chat about what you need. If it looks like we’re a good fit, we’ll draft a work outline and schedule a meeting or a call to finalise details where necessary.