Buying & Using Videos

An easy, cost-effective way to have great quality video content on your website and for your sales team.

How to Buy

  1. Choose your Videos – See All Video Explainers
  2. Buy a Licence
  3. Send us your logo

Once you’ve set up your payment, we’ll create the video with your logo and send you a link to download the files.

This takes up to two working days, but if you have an urgent deadline call us on 01992 505444, and we’ll see what we can do!

Using the Videos Online

You can show these videos on your own website. Your logo will appear in the corner of all videos.

Adding the videos to your website is easy – upload the video to a hosting site (we prefer Vimeo – it’s free like Youtube but without ads) and use the embed code provided to add the video to your site.

Wherever you paste the code, the video will display.

Using the Videos Offline

Download video files for your own ‘offline’ use. Video files are between 7-25mb in size and are provided in MP4 format as standard.

As a license-holder, you can:

  • Show the videos on your own website / social channels
  • Download Video Files to your own computer / laptop
  • Transfer Video Files to your iPad / mobile devices
  • Play videos on your own devices at sales meetings / presentations / training etc.
  • Show videos at conferences and exhibitions


You can not:

  • Alter, edit, or in any way ‘remake’ the video files
  • Remove or edit copyright statements or watermarks
  • Transcribe or use the script in text format
  • Make the video files available for download by other people from video hosting sites (Youtube, Vimeo etc)
  • Re-sell or white-label the videos without our expressed permission