December 2018 Update

Well, 2018 was quite a year. Brexit. Trump. Climate chaos. Wildfires in California. Fuel price protests. Civil unrest in Europe. Further cuts to UK feed-in-tariffs and the solar export tariff.

Many UK businesses seem paralysed because they can’t plan beyond March/April 2019.

However – despite all the economic uncertainty and apparent lack of political leadership – and despite the massive subsidies and tax breaks that the fossil fuel industry still enjoys, renewable energy is steadily advancing.

According to the report released by the REA in August, in 2017 almost 30% of energy generated in the UK was renewable. In 2018, between July and September, renewable energy output overtook fossil fuels for the first time in history.

Electric Vehicle demand has also soared, with 1 in 12 new vehicles purchased being EV or hybrid. The uk is some way behind countries like Norway (at 37%) but the trend is in the right direction and auto companies are taking significant steps to recalibrate their business towards an ‘electric future.’

With ever increasing energy prices, Solar technology becoming cheap enough to make sense economically even without tariffs, and demand for electric vehicles rising – energy storage technology and home energy management may be the next big thing. Heat pumps have proven themselves decisively over the last few years, and heat recovery systems are gaining ground. All of this technology exists, and becomes cheaper and more efficient every day.

Our job in 2019 will be to help people understand how the different technologies work together to make homes and business as comfortable, green, efficient, and energy-independent as possible.